There is nothing like a fully automated environment that can be setup over and over again with just a click of a button.
AWS has gone from being a tool to being a passion.

AWS Expertise

No matter if you want to evaluate an existing AWS deployment, try AWS as an alternative to your existing on-premise workloads, or if you are building a completely new cloud-based service, I'm here to help.

From start to finish

I help you with everything from architecture to implementation and education. A satisfied customer is one that never has to call an AWS specialist twice.


I hold a number of AWS certifications & accreditations asserting my knowledge of the AWS platform.


In my articles section you'll find observations that stems from years of experience integrating with AWS.


by nordenfelt AB, started in 2016, is a small consultancy firm based and VAT registered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Open Source

AWS integration strives on the Open Source community and I contribute to it as much as possible.

Read more about my open source projects.

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